Binge Site - All you can eat traffic
Terms & Conditions

All members from both networks must follow these rules.
1. We reserve the right to change/add/alter the rules below at anytime without notice.
2. Select the right category for your website and banners. Placing non adult category banners on adult sites is grounds for immediate account termination without notice. You must correctly select the site category to nearest possible.
3. Warez or any websites with illegal activities are not allowed.
4. Do not use any method of falsely inflating the number of ad view or clicks.
5. We reserve the right to verify the accuracy of the HTML code by all means.
6. We reserve the right to remove any member from the network at any time.
7. The main content of all member sites must be Category related
8. Our html banner code can be placed anywhere visible on a page.
*Banner Performance will vary by the banner code location on your own site.
9. Currently traffic is traded at 70%-80%. This is subject to change and you will be notified as such.